Marketing Plan

My 30-Day Marketing Program for the Successful Sale of Your Property

1. Current Market Analysis

When you select me as your Realtor to market your property I’ll prepare a professional market analysis to determine the range of value of your property. This is the single most important aspect of my marketing plan. In order for your property to sell for the highest possible price within a reasonable amount of time, i.e., 4-6 weeks, it must be priced to within 3%-5% of its most likely selling price. As you study the market data of recent sales with me, you’ll be able to decide the best price at which we should list your property. Sellers who make the mistake of listing their property at too high a price inevitably experience frustration and usually successive price reductions and much more extended time on the market than is the case of sellers who price their properties realistically.

2. 30 Day Marketing Approach

My objective is to ensure that by the end of 30 days on the market, your property will have been given thorough exposure in the entire market. In order for this to be achieved, I’ll be asking you for assistance in a number of areas, i.e., staging your home for optimum presentation to prospective buyers, notification of everyone on a contact list which I’ll be asking you to provide me, etc. My approach to marketing any property is very much a teamwork affair involving very close ongoing communication and cooperation between you–the seller–and me, your Realtor.

The Major components of my marketing approach are as follows:
a. Utilization of RE/MAX of Duncan Company Resources.
Our RE/MAX of Duncan office is part of the NUMBER ONE PRODUCING COMPANY BRAND IN TERMS OF TOTAL SALES VOLUME IN THE COWICHAN VALLEY. With our high visibility Trans Canada Highway location, we invariably attract many walk-in visitors who quickly become clients to view our many property listings. Our BRANCH OFFICE/KIOSK AT THE MILL BAY SHOPPING CENTRE enhances our strength and outreach in the South Cowichan Valley. Immediately upon listing your property I’ll be tapping into our company strength by:

1. Informing all members of our RE/MAX of Duncan Office about your new listing.
2. Utilizing the RE/MAX International Network to attract possible inquiries about your property.
3. Drawing upon prospective buyers who call on our company 800 number.
4. Your listing is posted on our Company Website and as well will be regularly viewed on our continuous monitors in our reception areas of our Duncan and Mill Bay Offices.

b. Your property will be listed on the Vancouver Island Real Estate Board Multiple Listing Service.
My objective is to ensure that your property will receive the widest possible exposure throughout our local market area, but also throughout Vancouver Island. Victoria Real Estate Board Realtors are able to access our listings through a mutually compatible MLS internet system ensuring that your listing will be available in the Victoria market area as well.

c. Use of the Internet.
All Vancouver Island Real Estate Board MLS listings can be viewed via the Internet at the Canadian Real Estate web site, .

Your listing will also be placed on my personal web site, Here I’m able to place the optimum number of colour photos to feature your property. I refer to my web site in print advertising & in other promotional materials so as to enable prospects to view your property in full colour.
In addition, your property will be found on our RE/MAX of Duncan Company website which is visited by hundreds of people each week.

Finally, your listing will appear on a number of RE/MAX national and international websites which pinpoint the location of RE/MAX listings in specific communities. What this means to you is that your listing location will be highlighted in a map of your community making it easy for a buyer to spot your listing in the specific area in which they’d like to live.

d. Print Advertising.
Mostly, I advertise in The Citizen, Real Estate and occasionally in Real Estate Victoria, which have the greatest readership of potential buyers. The extent to which I advertise in these media depends upon public response, market conditions, etc. It’s worth noting that only approximately 9% of the sales of properties listed on the MLS are purchased as a direct result of buyers purchasing a property they first read about in an advertisement.

e. Regular Weekly Communication With You.
As part of my teamwork concept, I’ll be speaking with you at least once every week to provide information about marketing results. These include feedback from showings of the property, whether buyers are considering writing an offer, information about new listings–new competition, and any sales of competing listings. You’ll be encouraged to contact me at any time when you have questions, concerns, or need to provide me with information.

f. Generation of an Accepted Offer.
The fundamental goal of my marketing plan is to achieve a timely accepted offer for the sale of your property—ideally at a selling price within the range of value indicated by my current market evaluation. Ultimately, this is what determines the effectiveness of my marketing plan. Within 30 days or less we’ll likely be able to determine by the number of showings of your property, and by the response of buyers to those showings, whether you are likely to be receiving an offer on the initial list price.

g. Price Refinement.
In a reasonably active market if we have enjoyed a number of showings of your property during the first three weeks of the listing, yet we have seen little likelihood of an offer, then we’ll need to review the original listing price. Rather than waiting many more weeks, or months, to make a price adjustment, it’s very important to make a timely adjustment. The longer a property remains on the market, the tougher it gets to sell. There’s a well recognized truth in our business: Over priced listings help to sell correctly priced listings! My job is to help you to get your property sold at the highest possible price, and not to use your property to assist your competitors in getting their property sold.